2020 YTD Point Standings:

Travelers Points YTD as of 06/30/20

Motherlode Points YTD as of 06/09/20

Delta Points YTD as of 06/30/20

Central Points YTD as of 06/30/20

Northern Points YTD as of 06/30/20

*Points reflect the 1 throw out.


2020 Tournament Results:

Full Standings for 06/28/2020

Full Standings for 06/27/2020

Full Standings for 06/26/2020

Full Standings for 06/07/2020

Full Standings for 06/06/2020

Full Standings for 05/24/2020

Full Standings for 05/23/2020

Full Standings for 03/15/2020

Full Standings for 03/14/2020

Full Standings for 03/08/2020

Full Standings for 03/07/2020

Full Standings for 02/23/2020

Full Standings for 02/22/2020

Full Standings for 02/15/2020

Full Standings for 01/19/2020

Full Standings for 01/05/2020

Full Standings for 01/04/2020

2019 Archive:

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2019 Official Regional Point Standings:

Travelers Results

Northern Results

Central Results

Motherlode Results

Delta Results

2019 Tournament Results:

One Safe Place Benefits Tournament Results 12-14-19

Marine Reconnaissance Foundation Tournament Results 9-8-19

Northern Region: Delta Results 7-13-19

Northern Region: Clearlake Results 6-29-19

Delta Region: Delta Results 6-22-19

Motherlode Region: Don Pedro Results 6-9-19

Central Region: Pine Flat Results 6-8-19

Northern Region: Lake Berryessa Results 5-25-19

Motherlode Region: Don Pedro Results 5-19-19

Northern Region: Clearlake Results 5-11-19

Northern Region: Clearlake Results 4-19-19

Central Region: McClure Results 4-7-19

Motherlode Region: McClure Results 4-6-19

Delta Region: Delta Results 4-5-19

Central Region: Millerton Lake Results 3-16-19

Motherlode Region: New Melones Results 3-3-19

Delta Region: Delta Results 3-2-19

Northern Region: Lake Berryessa Results 2-16-19

Delta Region: Delta Results 2-10-19

Central Region: Pine Flat Lake 2-9-19

Central Region: Lake McClure Results 1-6-19

Motherlode Region: Lake McClure Results 1-5-19