All tournament participants must complete the form below, however, there is no membership fee requirement for special events. For regularly scheduled season events, the NewJen Bass annual membership fee is $50.00 per angler. Violation of official rules may result in disqualification without refund of membership or entry fees.

All membership and entry fees must be paid before 9:00pm on the day prior to any event to avoid a $10.00 late charge. The Participation Form below only needs to be completed ONE TIME per season, prior to fishing your first event in that season. If you have already completed the form in 2020:


**Every INDIVIDUAL participant or observer must SEPARATELY complete their personal information in its entirety below and then E-Sign at the bottom.**

Member Information:

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Boat Information (if boater):

2020 NewJen Bass Season 4OPEN SeriesBenefits Tournament


DECLARATION: I understand that the annual $50 membership fee (if registering for a Season 4 event) AND the $200 entry fee must be paid in full to NewJen Bass prior to each tournament. I hereby certify that all information entered on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby certify that I have read, understand, and will comply with all rules and regulations established by NewJen Bass, as well as all State and Federal agencies that have jurisdiction over tournament waters to include tow vehicle and boat insurance. The Tournament Director/s have all final authority over any protests, disputes, and the right to refuse service or participation. With my online payment, I hereby waive and release from harm NewJen Bass, the tournament host, directors, vendors, and sponsors from any and all claims, negligence, injury, and/or damages incurred in conjunction with this event. I have the necessary liability insurance prescribed by the rules to participate in NewJen Bass events. I further understand that I am solely responsible for all costs incurred resulting from any incident. I release any images or videos captured by NewJen Bass, any host, any sponsor, any agency, or any other angler for event use. By E-signing below, I confirm I have read, reviewed, and understand the official NewJen Bass Team Tournament rules found at

If you are not automatically transferred to the payment window after clicking "Submit", scroll back up and complete the highlighted section of your form.