The scheduled NewJen tournament for 3/9/19 at Clearlake has been RESCHEDULED to 5/11/19.

As hard as it is to cancel any event, the safety of our angler’s is ALWAYS our top priority. In addition, being good citizens to the communities that we support is paramount to the NewJen mission. Clearlake will be closed to all boat traffic if the coming storm brings the lake level above 10 feet, and although it hasn’t reached that limit, running a tournament knowing that boat wakes will make their way into homeowners homes simply doesn’t feel right. Floating debris will also make the lake dangerous for our angler’s especially with rain in the forecast for Saturday and the visibility issues that it creates.

That all being said, the bass will be waiting for us under much better conditions that we can all feel good about. We wanted to get the word out early so Angler’s didn’t invest time with travel and prefishing expenses for this event. Stay safe, stay dry, stay patient. The bass will still be biting later.
Sending prayers to those whose homes are being affected by the flooding!
-Newt & Jenn Price


*The registration form and payment must be submitted to officially reserve your spot. Ams that sign up WITH pros will be given priority IF both the Pro and Am list each other as “partner” on the registration form, although you will not actually be fishing together. Pro/Am Teams are chosen at random.




IN ADDITION to $20,000 for the 1st place team, paying out a full boat field, and awesome trophies…

“The King of Clearlake” is sponsoring a $50,000 CASH PRIZE to the angler who breaks the current Clearlake record by catching a bass weighing over 17.52 lbs. during the 2-day Tournament of Champions at Clearlake September 21 and 22, 2019!

In order to qualify to fish the Tournament of Champions, you must fish 6 Season 3 events OR finish in the Top 25 point standings in any region. See “Rules” section for additional details. A mandatory polygraph will be given to verify the fish was caught during this tournament and compliant with NewJen Bass Tournament of Champion rules. Validity of the catch will be determined by the NewJen Tournament of Champions Director/s. The NewJen Bass Tournament of Champions Event will have specific restrictions, eligibility and limitations which will be released by September 1, 2019.



$200 per team, per event for regularly scheduled tournaments, Tournament of Champions, and Special Events, unless otherwise noted. $50 annual membership per angler will be required. Failure to adhere to the official rules by either partner, may be grounds for immediate disqualification with no refund/s.

Launch Locations:

Berryessa – Steele Canyon Resort

Clearlake – Konocti Vista Casino

Delta – Russo’s Marina

Don Pedro – Flemming Meadows

Lake McClure – Barrett Cove South

Millerton Lake – Fresno Ramp

New Melones – Glory Hole

Pine Flat Lake – Island Park

*All tournament locations and dates may be subject to change based on water levels, weather conditions, or extenuating circumstances.